Craft Beerds


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[sidecontent]We created the first book to celebrate the art of modern craft beer labels. And the first to collect all the ones with beards, sideburns and moustaches on ’em.

250+ pages. 100+ breweries.
1 Burly book.

Why? In 2010 we noticed two things in popular culture were, um, growing at an explosive pace: craft beer and facial hair. From moustache rings and competitive bearding reality shows to having more breweries than any other time in American history, the two were bound to tangle eventually. Turns out it was happening on the beers themselves.

Since no one had done a book on all the killer label art coming out of this burly moment in time, we did it ourselves. You can buy it for your favorite beardo or beer geek right here. Cheers! [/sidecontent]